Full day excursion

This hike covers a large portion of the National Park Vicente Perez Rosales, the first national park to open its figurative doors to the public on 1926. The starting point of our uphill hike is set at the “La Picada” refuge. During this hike we will be able to admire impressive views of the Volcanoes and lakes that surround this region of the park. We will notice that the Andes mountain range appears on the horizon while we get closer to the turquoise colored waters of the Todos los Santos lake, which marks the end of our hike. Before our trip back, we will stop at the “Saltos de Petrohue” sector, characteristic for its impressive fields of solidified lava.


  • Medium-High Intensity. Habilitated for the disabled. Depending on type.
  • Duration: 8 hours. Pick up: 9.00 AM.
  • Includes: Private transportation, bilingual trekking guides, WFR certificates, Food: mineral water, boxed lunch, snack ( whole-wheat veggie sandwich, trail mix, fruit, cereal bar, oatmeal cookie).
  • Suggestions:
  • Minimum age: 14 y/o. Parental supervision.
  • Minimum: 2 people.
  • Languages: English, Spanish. Extra languages can be solicited: French and German.

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