When you decide to take a trip to Caleta Condor, you’ll realize upon arrival that this place is like no other. Characterized by its uniqueness and pristine scenery, this trip is bound to be a journey you won’t forget. In the future you will reminisce about the greenish-calypso sea hues and the countless shades of green that make up the trees. Gazing at the night sky will be a dream like experience.

Day 1

Our trip will begin at 8.00 AM, immediately heading towards Bahia Mansa, a town located near the pacific coast (Route 40 U). Approximately an hour away from hour starting point. The boat assigned to us upon arrival will take us to Caleta Condor after approximately two hours of navigating the Pacific Ocean. This trip will lead us to a hidden paradise, where you will be able to connect with yourself on a deeper level. You will arrive at a place where time stands still, feeling the need to contemplate your surroundings. A small world where you won’t need much, just the need to relax and explore our different trails, rivers and native flora and fauna only the South of Chile is blessed to have.

Once we reach our destination, lunch, consisting of seafood-based dishes, will be served in a small local hostel. After our meal we will initiate our hike towards the main road. Our route will allow us to walk near the seashore for approximately two hours. After this two hour walk we will arrive at the well-known pine park. Our trip back will consist of a two-hour hike in between rivers, local forests and plenty viewpoints. Dinner will be served at a local hostel. We will be spending the night in a cabin or a hostel, considering availability.

Day 2

We will have breakfast in Caleta Condor. Breakfast includes homemade bread. At 8.30 AM our kayaking activity will start (duration: 1 hour approximately). After kayaking, we will take our baggage and get on the 11.00 AM boat, where we will navigate for two hours. A driver will be waiting for us to take us back to Osorno (Arrival at 4.00 PM). Arrival at Puerto Varas is estimated to be at around 5.00 PM.

Meal Details

Day 1)

  • Lunch: Can choose between “seafood chupe” and hake w/ side dish (salad, homemade bread, fresh juice, fruit, tea or coffee).
  • Cocktail, trail mix, wine and cheese.
  • Dinner: Salmon with a side dish, salad, homemade bread, fresh squeezed juice, tea or coffee.

Day 2)

  • Breakfast: fruit, avocado, eggs, homemade bread, fresh jam, tea or coffee.
  • Lunch: boxed lunch ( whole-wheat veggie sandwich, oatmeal cookie, fruit, mineral water)
  • Cabin or hostel accommodation, depending on the availability.

IMPORTANT: If the roads are in bad condition for any reason, access will be around the “Rio negro” sector ( Manquemapu ). Two hour navigation trip is to be considered in this case.

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