Full day excursion

Our catamaran navegation trip will start at 2.00 PM from the Valdivia market. Navigation will take place along  the Calle Calle river. During this journey we will head towards Niebla, where we will make a stop at the known “Fuente Española”, proceeding to understand the history of our ancestors. Our sailing will continue a short while after, heading towards Mancera Island. During this journey we will mostly see diversity of fauna such as: sea lions, birds, black-necked swans, wetland, typical Valdivian Forest vegetation, chip industries, among others. Lunch will be served during our time at the catamaran, as well as tea time. Navigation will be completem after 5 hours in total.

Intensity: Low, disabled.

  • Duration: 6 hours, disabled.
  • Includes: bilingual guides, food service, optional lunch: Salmon in a fine herb sauce, accompanied by rice and vegetables sauteed in butter / Baked chicken accompanied by rice and vegetables / Beef, rice and vegetables Sauteed in butter. Dessert: Ice cream with sauce.Tea time; coffee or milk, portion of kuchen and paprika bird sandwich
  • Transportation to Valdivia is sold separately.
  • Minimun 2 people
  • Languages: English, Spanish. Extra requested languages: French, German

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